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Working with communities

Our Community Engagement Framework

We recognise that aviation operations, and updates or changes to these operations, can impact communities in various ways.

Our aim is to minimise these impacts wherever practical while ensuring we provide the critical airspace infrastructure required to support social and economic growth at a local, regional and national level.

Complaints and information

Aircraft noise

We provide aircraft noise-related information, monitoring and reporting services for the community.

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Flight paths in and out of Australia on the map of the world.

Our program of

Flight path changes

We design and manage the flight paths that connect Australia. We work with communities, airlines, airports and others in the aviation industry to implement flight path changes.

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Making an enquiry or complaint

We manage complaints and enquiries about aircraft noise and operations through our Noise Complaints and Information Service (NCIS). NCIS is the Australian aviation industry’s main interface on aircraft noise and related issues for the community.

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Community engagement

Community Aviation Consultation Groups

We support Community Aviation Consultation Groups (CACGs) at airports around the country. These groups are an important avenue for local engagement with airports on operations, development, planning and aircraft noise.

Work with us

Airservices is at the forefront of Australian aviation. We are uniquely connected to all parts of the industry and offer exciting and innovative work across a range of operational and corporate roles.

Career paths on offer at Airservices include
Air Traffic Control, Aviation Rescue Fire Fighting, information technology, corporate support and more.