To enable the correct and prompt payment of your organisation’s invoices, please note the following requirements:

Address details for submitting an invoice

Invoices should be sent to the Airservices Accounts Payable section.

Postal Address: Airservices Australia
Accounts Payable
Attention: (insert name of Airservices Australia ordering officer)
PO Box 231,
Civic Square, ACT 2608
Phone: 1800 026 147 (calling from within Australia)
+61 2 6268 4081 (calling from outside Australia)
Fax: +61 2 6268 4407
ABN: 59 698 720 886

An invoice must contain the following information

  • contact name of the Airservices employee who placed the order; and
  • purchase order number; and
  • contract number if relevant.

An invoice that is submitted without the above details may be returned to you unprocessed.

Airservices preferred method of payment is EFT. Please provide your bank details to us on your company’s letterhead to enable prompt payment.

A remittance advice detailing invoices paid will be forwarded to you via email.

Purchase Order Standard Conditions

The Standard Conditions applying to all Purchase Orders issued by Airservices can be found here.